The heart is located in the chest.
The heart sits a little to the left.

The heart is about (approximately) the size of your fist.


The heart pumps blood all the time.
Even when we’re asleep!
Day and night, night and day.
24/7. Twenty-four seven.
24 hours a day, 7 days a week.heart4The heart is an organ made up of involuntary muscles.
We can’t control involuntary muscles.
Involuntary muscles move automatically.


The heart pumps blood around the body.
The heart contracts and relaxes to pump blood.
The heart pumps blood through the blood vessels.


Blood provides the cells with oxygen (O2) and nutrients.

Blood also collects waste products like carbon dioxide (CO2).
CO2 is carried back to the lungs by the blood, where it is then exhaled.


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