Humans have five basic senses:

  • the sense of hearing,
  • the sense of sight,
  • the sense of smell,
  • the sense of taste,
  • and the sense of touch.

The senses help us interact with the environment.
The senses allow us to hear, see, smell, taste, and touch.

The sense of hearing allows us to hear.
The sense of sight allows us to see.
The sense of smell allows us to smell.
The sense of taste allows us to taste.
The sense of touch allows us to touch.

The sense organs of the basic senses are:

  • the eyes,
  • the ears,
  • the tongue,
  • the skin,
  • and the nose.

The ears are the organs of hearing.
The eyes are the organs of sight.
The nose is the organ of smell.
The tongue is the organ of taste.
The skin is the organ of touch.

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