Parts of a plant – The Dr. Binocs Show
Different parts of a plant and their functions.
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Roots are underground.
Roots fix the plant into the ground.
Roots absorb water and nutrients (minerals and vitamins) from the soil.


The stem supports the plant.
It carries water and nutrients to the leaves.
It transports materials from the leaves to other parts of the plant.
It provides a place for the plant to keep its flowers and fruits.


Plants make their own food in their leaves.
Leaves produce food (glucose) for the plant by photosynthesis.
They regulate the carbon dioxide and oxygen exchange.

Flowers are the reproductive part of (most) plants.
They contain pollen and tiny eggs called ovules.

The four parts of a plant
Roots, stem, leaf, and flower
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Song – The parts of a plant
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Plant parts and their functions
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